A visit to Kinoni Child Development Center (CDC)

Child Development Centers (CDCs) are projects run by compassionate international volunteers in partnership with churches in Uganda to support the neediest of needy children in different communities. The support is usually in basic necessities—education, meals at home, and clothing, among others.

The Center House
Some of the children having breakfast at the center

At the invitation of the Project Director, Living Music Foundation went to meet and talk to kids at the Kinoni Child Development Center about how music can help transform lives. She saw it as a good opportunity; these kids are in similar situations to most of the past LMF staff members who have also been transformed through music.

Once in a while, the kids gather at the Center for meals, medical checks, and to receive support through books, clothes, and many other services.

The project usually sets up Center days where kids come together and participate in several activities such as agriculture, music, sports, and many others!

25th January 2019 was set apart for music.

Living Music Foundation and the Children

Disan Kato sharing a moment with some of the kids

The Director of LMF, Disan Kato, took time to speak to the children and encouraged them to be good to those supporting and teaching them. He used examples of the team he went with—Jean, Babrah, and Patience. They later taught the kids some songs, sang with them, and performed for them.

Disan talking to the children about the transformative power of music
Nyamwija Patience teaching the kids how to sing on the microphones

Performances of LMF and the Children

Six-year-old Joy Brier performing for fellow children

The day was dedicated to music and the kids were given the opportunity to show their talents in music. They were split into several performing groups.

LMF, Center staff, and the kids in a joint performance

The center leadership and management promised to buy musical instruments to help the kids learn and train at the Center.

LMF accepted Kinoni CDC as one of its community centers to offer music lessons to in the near future.


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