Kinoni CDC is one of the compassion centers in Mbarara where children are supported by Compassion international. Children are supported in very many fields such as education, medical care and other basic needs like food, clothing etc…Other skills are taught to children to live by in future such as weaving, tailoring, music, and farming.

Living Music Foundation partners with Kinoni CDC to extend performing music skills to their children. It was important for the center to buy some of the instruments to help the children learn as well as practice after the lessons . The instruments available are keyboard, guitars, drums and brass band instruments (trumpets, trombone, tuba etc…)

The project director and the management of Kinoni CDC wrote to Living Music Foundation to share the transformative performing music skills with the children by carrying out a one month everyday music instrument lessons.


JOLIOT – Guitars
DISAN KATO – Keyboard/Piano

training begins

Our team arrived at the center and carried more guitars from the LMF office to support the ones at the center.

On the first day, the team inspected the available instruments and helped in cleaning them while generally teaching the children on how to keep and maintain clean instruments.

The next day students were given opportunities to choose the instruments of their choice and were subjected to tests to establish who will remain in a particular class for the next month. In every class, instruments were shared. For example, in the drum class, chairs were used to learn the beats and snare skills.

The drum class
The Guitar class
The Keyboard/Piano Class

general Notes

  1. The children were very good and disciplined. Therefore, it was easy and fun teaching them. There were no cases of indiscipline sited.
  2. The time and resources were very small to cover well and exhaust the details of every lesson. There in case of an opportunity, the children should be given chances to train more and practice to apply what they have learnt.
  3. As we are aware that not all children can grab things at the same level, some of the children need to be given more time to practice and perhaps needed more time to learn. However, they can be good with time and practice.
  4. We recommend that the project sets up opportunities like praise and worship moments and allow the children try out their skills. In addition, please be patient with the small mistakes they are still doing.

We are always very grateful at Living Music Foundation whenever we are given an opportunity to share our performing music skills with children. Sharing performing music skills is our Joy and we hope the skills shared, will one day help to transform lives of these children.

the students


Laban Catherine Blessing





More pictures of the training in other days

Drum lessons
Guitar Class
Keyboard Class



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Three friends at sunset

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How Music Can Improve Your Life

Women Listening to Music with speaker

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Sure, we all love music. It makes us happy, makes us dance, it expresses emotions we ourselves don’t know to express.

But did you know there are scientific links between playing an instrument and brain development? That scientific studies have shown the incredible effects music can have on memory, hormone levels and even pain?!

music as medicine: how music can improve QUALITY of life

child playing guitar
Music can improve your quality of life!

Youth brain development

The University of Vermont College of Medicine recently completed a study of 232 children who played an instrument. The study found that the more the child practiced music, ”it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control.”.


The same study also found that practicing music changed the behavioral regulation in the brain. For example practicing music was found to thicken the part of the cortex that is connected to memory and attention span.

We have always been passionate about the transformative power of music in youths, so this study is so interesting!

person playing guitar
Learning an instrument can help brain development from a young age.

Pain RElief

Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine.


But seriously. There have been scientific studies around music reducing pain. Such as this 2014 study of patients with Fybromyalgia.
Incredibly the study found that ”Listening to relaxing, pleasant, self-chosen music reduced pain and increased functional mobility significantly in our FM patients.”.

Miraculous! Listening to music was improving their quality of life by reducing the pain they felt with their condition!.

orchestra playing violin
Listening to music has been shown to decrease feelings of pain.

Mental Health

Everyone knows that music connects with us emotionally. When we’re angry we might listen to loud angry music, or when we’re sad we might enjoy listening to sad music.

Do you know the effect of music on the brain regarding stress relief?

A plethora of studies have found that listening to relaxing music decreases our cortisol levels, such as this University of Tennessee study. And this one.

Cortisol is our stress hormone, and has a strong link to anxiety and depression along with stress. So decreasing levels of cortisol in our body decreases feelings anxiety and stress! Go Music!

This study was researching effects of listening to music on depression. They found ” significant decreases in cortisol levels and positive effects on depression, fatigue and mood ”.

Wow. That is anxiety, stress and depression that music is found to have decreased the effects of through releasing certain hormones.

happy man playing guitar
Lowering levels of cortisol is an effect of listening to music

Music and memory

Magical music never leaves the memory

Sir Thomas Beecham

You know that feeling when you hear a song from your childhood, and you are completely transported to a specific memory, to a moment.

BUT did you know music has such a powerful connection to memory that it can be used to help Alzheimer’s sufferers? Studies (such as from the Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease) have shows that memories of music are not lost to Alzeheimers, and can even help shake the Alzheimer’s daze and confusion for a short burst of ‘normality’. Now that really is special.

happy children play together
Music can help with Alzheimer’s disease

Music and autism

Music therapy has become a popular tool used in Autism therapy. It has been found to improve communication and social skills, which are particularly difficult for those with Autism.

This article uses a great analogy, that for autistic children interacting in group settings can be very difficult. However through use of music, a child must first learn and understand their own instrument, and then slowly integrate and open up to play that instrument with other children. Furthermore, music teaches vital communication skills; that we need to listen and pay attention to what another person is saying, understand how to keep quiet until it is our turn to speak, and to ignore background noises. These skills can be very difficult for autistic children however learning music is a natural way to develop them!

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