LMF team with the community leaders of CICD – Uganda at their office in Bihanga Buhweju Uganda.

Center for Integrated Community Development (CICD)-Uganda is a youth and community-led initiative that employs multi-sectoral approach in promoting inclusive development, consolidating community development efforts and enhancing participatory learning in development. CICD focuses on transforming lives of all vulnerable persons and groups such as children, youths, women, elderly, prisoners and gold miners, to have equal opportunities and improve their well-being.

Buhweju is one of the most interesting places in Uganda. It has a number of good and nice sceneries that may interest any tourist local and foreign. it is famous for its hilly landscape and gold mining among others. it has a cool weather nice for camping and relaxing. However, not many know about the beauty of Buhweju.

Like any other community in Uganda, there are a number of youths, children and even the elderly who have not had a chance to see, touch or get close to a music instrument like guitar, drum set or even hold a microphone in their hands to sing or make a speech and yet they have potentials and talents in the field of music.

Some of the youth and children who turned to see us unload our equipment at CICD office.

The Leaders of LMF and CICD – Uganda, met at one of the events in Mbarara and discussed about the possibility of extending the music opportunities at LMF to the community of Buhweju. That was the reason for the pilot visit to Buhweju. After securing the funding to carry out this project, LMF will begin the two months training to this communiy as we were able to identify much talent in the area.

As already mentioned about the beautiful sceneries of Buhweju, near the CICD offices, is the Ndurumo water fall. The LMF team together with the local community visited this interesting site of purely clean and cool water falling from the top of a hill down to a sloping stream. You reach the place and feel as if its raining. The water looks nice sweet and fresh. you need to be there yourself. This was nice to see and enjoy during our trip. We were told there are more falls like these in the vicinity. We hope to experience more of these excursions during our training time.

The LMF trip was crowned with a live performance by the team, where they invited the local youths to try out on instruments and singing. The director Disan Kato shared his music strory, the importance of music and showed the members whose lives have been transformed by Music. The locals and Leaders showed their appreciation and expressed their desire to be given an opportunity to learn/and train in music.


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