The Vessels Band

How it All Started

After being orphaned by HIV/AIDS by the age of 3 and going through an incredibly challenging childhood, Disan Kato grew up in the hands of good samaritans until he was enrolled at Train the Youth Effort (TYE), a community based organization. During his time at TYE, Disan underwent extensive musical training, which helped to develop his innate musical talents. Even though Disan was able to complete his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, due to lack of tuition, he was forced to dropped out of his bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science at Mbarara University. Left with no other option, he decided to concentrate on his music career.

Through his hard work and dedication, Disan built a music career his parents would be proud of. He has recorded several songs throughout his career, which has earned him important contacts as well as allowed him to survive through difficult times. From Disan’s budding music career, The Vessels Band was born, and soon after Living Music Foundation followed.

The Evolution of The Vessels Band

The Vessels Band was founded as a band of energetic young talents committed to playing music and training others who share their passion. Disan started the band by training seven members in 2014 and 2015, and as soon as they were confident playing together, they began performing as The Vessels Band. Within the first few years, the group gained recognition by the community who appreciated their efforts share their musical talents.

As The Vessels Band grew and their name became more well-known, they came up with the idea to share their acquired skills and musical training with the community, by establishing a community based organization named Living Music Foundation.

Today, The Vessels Band members serve as Living Music Foundation’s core staff members, trainers, and volunteers. Using every spare moment they have to practice, perform, and train local community members.

To learn more about The Vessels Band & the origin of the Living Music Foundation, visit our About Us page.