Our Music

“Thank You Lord” is a true story of Disan Kato’s life
“Vessel of Praise” is a song to ask God to use you as a vessel because nothing can one pay to God other than your life to his service.
“Winners” is song Disan wrote to help people celebrate their life achievements. He didn’t want to be specific but used victory, Triumph to fit every occasion.
“All I need” is the first song by Disan Kato. After realizing that he is alone and by himself, he decided to call onto God to be there for him.
Moving beyond your fears, you feel free.
It is God who knows everything.
“Okusiima Ruhanga” literally meaning “We thank God”
“Tweteitse” meaning “Let’s Repent”
“Okunkunda” meaning “God has Loved me”
“Webare” meaning “thank you God for we have grown upto today”. Is a song Disan Wrote after meeting two girls looking for school fees and a house to stay in and yet he himself never had a house.
“Nayereza” meaning ” I surrender”
“My Lord is a Savior”
“Ebyeremwa byensi egi Ruhanga abitoorana kukwatsa enshoni ababigaya”
Okuza’ Owa Yesu
Time to be happy is now