St. Peter’s Kakoba Church of Uganda

Getting to Know the Parishoners

We excitedly received a letter from St. Peter’s Kakoba Church of Uganda formally asking us to participate in the evening church and worship services. The night had a theme of “being a youth of good example.” We knew this would be a great opportunity to meet and connect with  more community members, so we were honored to accept the opportunity!


The Services

We were excited to attend such a beautiful church service; it truly was a special experience. After the church service came the worship session. Choirs from several churches around Mbarara gathered together to praise and worship as one community. Everyone felt so connected through our united worship.


Disan, Living Music Foundation’s director, was invited to lead the services by being the guest preacher and chief worshiper. We are proud that he is able to connect us with so many different parts of our community so we can have opportunities such as this one.

The entire Living Music Foundation team participated in the services, so we had the opportunity to inform the other choirs of our own services related to singing and instrumental lessons. The community was excited to hear of the work we are doing.

The whole day was a lovely experience!


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