Volunteer Program


The Living Music Foundation provides music lessons and training  to children and communities who do not currently have access to resources, lessons, or instruments. Performing music is a transformative skill. It helps develop self-esteem, provides purpose, and spreads happiness in the community. Music can also create economic benefits for the musician.
The volunteer program helps LMF expand their reach to help more communities, encourage confidence in the students, and create cross-cultural exchanges through the universal language of music. 


The Living Music Foundation recognized the amount of talent within the communities, but also saw that there was a lack of access to lessons, equipment, and teachers. LMF hopes to bring the joy of music to these communities and to foster their musical talents through providing lessons with talented musicians, and the space and equipment for the lessons.

The individuals that LMF offers lessons and training to are often youth who could not continue with formal education, or adults with music talent that are lacking access to training and equipment.

We also offer lessons and training to:

  • Local primary and secondary schools, and institutions (such as universities, technical colleges)
  • Children’s homes and development centers (such as orphanages, compassion centers, etc.)
  • The general elite community and the working class, including business people who require
    performing music skills for personal use
  • Religious communities

The majority of our on-site training and visits are to Churches in Uganda since music is such an important part of worship and celebration of faith.

The VOlunteer Experience

While you are in Uganda be prepared to share your musical talents by helping teach individuals and groups of people within the communities. A great attitude, and a willingness to exchange ideas and skills with those you work alongside, will go a long way to making your volunteering placement a success.

Details of all of the different placement locations are provided prior to the commencement of the program. Upon arrival, volunteers are given in-country orientation before their stays with host families and beginning their activities at their placements. They have support from a on-site supervisor and the Living Music Foundation staff throughout their entire stay. 

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