Volunteer FAQs

What volunteer placements are available?

Volunteers may have the opportunity to assist the Living music Foundation (LMF) with private music lessons with individuals hoping to develop their guitar, drum, keyboard, or vocal skills. These lessons are given at the LMF office where the students come.

Volunteers may also have the opportunity to assist the LMF team with community trainings, which are longer term lessons with bigger groups of students. These placements help build new and existing relationships with surrounding communities.

Where do volunteers stay?

Volunteers will stay with local families in the community. These families will welcome the volunteers into their lives for their entire stay. This exchange will allow for volunteers to experience the local culture, and to have additional guidance about living in Uganda.
We also have relationships with hotels which are averagely cheaper but
good enough and secure for the volunteers to stay in for their time. From
there, they can have their breakfast and other meals where necessary. Also,
for those who may want to do their cooking it can be made possible.

Long-time staying volunteer(s) more than a month, can rent a secure
apartment where he/she/they can stay.

What does a typical day look like for a volunteer?

The volunteers will wake up and eat breakfast with their host family before getting ready for their placement. They will either be driven to the LMF office, or picked up by an LMF staff member, and then brought to their placement.

During the day, the volunteers will help with group or private lessons at the LMF office or in the community. Lunch will be had with LMF during the day.

The volunteers will then have time to travel or spend time with other volunteers, their host families, or the LMF staff after their scheduled trainings. There are opportunities to visit other local youth projects, as well as visiting museums or going hiking.

The volunteers will join their host families for dinner and any family events. Then they will prepare for their next day’s placement.

Who supports the volunteers while they are in Uganda?

The LMF staff will support the volunteers throughout their entire stay. If a volunteer has any questions or concerns, they can talk to their assigned LMF staff member at their placement, or anyone at the office.

The homestay family a volunteer stays with will also offer support to the volunteer if they have questions or concerns.

We will do what we can to address and improve any challenges that the volunteers face. It is our goal for them to have an enjoyable and successful experience with us.

What is included in the volunteer fees?

  • Airport pick-up & drop-off
    Either by private vehicle or public bus depending on the volunteers preference.
  • Transportation to and from placement daily
  • Accommodation with a host family
    Includes daily breakfast and lunch.
  • Volunteer Placement
    Includes daily lunch and transport.
  • Administration Fees
    This contributes to our website fees, bank fees, partnership fees, office materials, office rent and utilities, and staff costs to process your application and plan for your stay.
  • Direct support to the Living Music Foundation
    As a non profit organisation our staff rely on outside support for their living costs.
  • Gazated areas for tourism by the government require payments from each person when visited. For example national/game parks for elephants, lions, gorillas and lion tracking.
  • In case someone wants to buy an item of art, a paint, or a commodity from the local population. However in some communities, people may want to give some items as gifts in appreciation.


To be a part of the Volunteer Program, volunteers are expected to pay Program Fees.
You can see what they cover above. Or read here for some more information!

For a One Month Program the fees are as follows:

  • Administration Fee: $352.50
    (See what this covers above)
  • Homestay Fee: $170.10
  • Volunteer Placement Contribution: $405
  • Kampala Airport Pickup / DropOff:
    Private LMF Vehicle: $145.80
  • Total Cost of Program: $1,073.4

    Cheaper option to take Public Bus instead of private vehicle: -$58.73
    Total Cost of Program: $986.33

    Option to Upgrade to Guest House Accommodation: +$472.50.
    Total Cost of Program: $1,545.90

I can’t afford the fees… what should i do?

Do not worry! We have an informative blog post here that you can read.
Click Here!

And if that isn’t enough, we also have an entire page dedicated to fundraising for your placement!
Read it Here!

Who does LMF serve?

The individuals that LMF offers lessons and training to are often youth who could not continue with formal education, or adults with music talent that are lacking access to training and equipment.

We also offer lessons and trainings to:

  • Local primary and secondary schools, and institutions (such as universities, technical colleges)
  • Children’s homes and development centers (such as orphanages, women’s refuge groups compassion centers, etc.)
  • The general elite community and the working class, including business people who require performing music skills for personal use
  • Religious communities

The majority of our on-site trainings and visits are to Churches in Uganda since music is such an important part of worship and celebration of faith.

What is Uganda like?

Uganda is a beautiful country blessed with wonderful, hospitable people. There is a lot
of natural beauty which can be found in the wild animals, hot springs, mountains and
hills, plains, naturally shaped stones, forests with birds, waterfalls, rivers, and

Uganda has a culture that embraces music and dance, oral storytelling, and connecting deeply with those around us.

What activities can volunteers take part in outside of their placements?

  • Visiting different communities
  • Visiting cultural sites and museums
  • Visiting the game/national parks to see wild animals
  • Hiking
  • Play games and sports
  • Swimming in the lakes
  • Attending music concerts/events, church services, etc.
  • Possible opportunities to be interviewed on local TV