Our Growing Community: Biharwe

Our New Students From Biharwe

LMF Students.jpg

Leading Biharwe: Reverend Elmonse

Reverend Elmonse has been looking for an opportunity to learn more about musical instruments for a long time. He has always hoped to use his own skills to help train the youth in his community, but he has not had an easy time finding instrumentalists. He’s been doing his best using his own guitar to teach youth how to play, but has had a hard time keeping it in playing shape. Luckily, he had some help from a few British visitors in the past, who gifted him guitar strings so he can keep playing and teaching.

LMF Students2

Enter Living Music Foundation — just what he has been looking for! Reverend Elmonse is excited for the opportunity to help his students learn so they can play together and create beautiful music through the help of Living Music Foundation’s trainers.

Since being introduced to the Living Music Foundation team, Reverend Elmonse has been vital in mobilizing youth in Biharwe. He has gathered a group of students that are ready and excited to learn, including all of the students pictured above. He has also enrolled himself in guitar lessons, alongside his son Ian, who is having drumming lessons.

We are excited that he has been so willing to be part of the Living Music Foundation efforts, and can’t wait to see our relationship grow!


Making Connections in Biharwe & Besania

Exploring New Communities


On April 12th, 2018, Disan, the director of Living Music Foundation (LMF), and Babra, the administrator of LMF, went to Katojo – Biharwe in Mbarara District of Uganda by motorcycle to meet with some youth who wish to learn more about musical instruments and how to sing. When they arrived, they found the students gathered at Katojo Technical Institute in one of the classrooms.

Journey to the village

The session began with introductions from the LMF staff members to the students. Babra addressed the students by talking about Living Music Foundation, the work that the organization is currently doing, and then she encouraged them to be open to exploring their own musical talents. LMF believes that everyone can be surprised by themselves when exploring their own musical talents and have fun with the process. Babra then invited Disan to address the class.

Disan and Barbara all smiles while riding to the village

Disan started by thanking Reverend Elimonth for his work in mobilizing and gathering the youth together; he has been a pivotal leader for music lessons in the community. The students were inspired by what Disan had to say about the impact music can have on your life. They were all so excited to meet Disan and for him to share his talents, because they listen to his music and watch him on TV sometimes.

Then came the time for what everyone was most excited about…music lessons!

Disan talking with the members of the community in Biharwe


On April 18th, 2018, the group decided to visit the office at Besania to talk to them more about LMF. It was a great afternoon! The Vessels Band was there to take the office members through the machines and singing at the grounds. After this, they became more excited about continuing to work with LMF.

They even decided to come and train at the center for the first month, so the LMF team will work with them to accommodate their future trainings. The first musical training is expected to officially begin on April 20th.

Based on the relationships that have already formed and the excitement of the students to learn, it feels like the lessons have already started!