Meet Our Team

The Living Music Foundation Staff

Disan kato – Director

Director Disan Kato in his happy Moments during a hiking

I am Disan. Husband, father, and musician. I play the piano, guitar, drums, and am a trained singer.
I grew up orphaned due to HIV, losing both parents at a young age. Life was not easy. Luckily I had good Samaritans come into my life who enabled me to get through school, where my musical talents were identified and I chose to develop them. Since then I have dedicated my life to transforming lives through music; composing music that touches the lives of many, training youths to play instruments and sing, forming my own band! Music has transformed my story, so we started the Living Music Foundation to reach out to other young people facing difficulties.

Disan explain the benefits of keyboard/piano skills to youths

Atuhwere Babrah -administrator

I currently perform vocals, and take care of the administrative side of the organisation.
I grew up in a humble family with 8 siblings, where we struggled to pay for school fees.
My passion for music is what led me to join the Living Music Foundation. Through music I have been able to become self reliant, build my self esteem, and of course it has brought joy to my life! Long live LMF, I hope it can change other lives as it has surely changed mine.

Ayebare Jean -Vocals

Hey! I joined the band as Disan trained me to be a singer during university. Music is really important to me. Through performing and LMF, I have gained self esteem, and been able to stay encouraged even when I may have felt hopeless in other areas of life. I have made friends locally and internationally, creating a sense of belonging for myself within the music community. Music has given me an amazing and productive way to spend my leisure time, I hope to inspire others through LMF.

Petra Atujuna – vocalist

I am Petra
My main hobbies are singing, dancing, swimming, and travelling!
Since high school I’ve been passionate about music and have studied many different aspects, even earning a number of awards. I am particularly active in my Church choir, and also have been a music and dance trainer for a long time.
Music and performing is what I love doing, I am so thankful to be able to do this everyday. LMF is a wonderful organisation for making such activities accessible to those who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to learn music. It does so much for your personal development, as well as the joy of those around you!

Franklin kashera – Drums

Threatened to be wiped out, my parents sought refugee in Uganda, where we found a safe haven in Nakivale refugee camp in 2014. Our  hopes of returning to Congo have slowly drindled as armed conflicts continue to  boil termitently  over our region. I and my family could only survive on small handout provided by UNHCR since we could hardly find any employment. Life in the camp is very challenging
Although I am talented in music my status bars me and family from formal employment. Living Music foundation helped me to volunteer in the band where I trained for necessary skills, that assisted me to be placed in The Vessels Band as an assistant drummer and percussionist ultimately assuming a full band Drummer position.
I currently double as a band drummer and instructor at LMF , where I earns income to support myself as well as supporting my whole family back in the camp.
Franklin during a drum Lesson

Joliot Kasamoy – Guitars

A Pharmacist by profession, Joliot now a refugee in Uganda attached to Kyaaka refugee camp, narrowly escaped from the war torn Congo, together with his family.

Equally a highly skilled musician Joliot popularly known as Jojo  loves guitars, and has a strong passion for kids with whom he shares his skills a lot.

When Jojo came to Mbarara, he took advantage of available opportunities at LMF, that he has since served as an instructor at LMF and a lead guitarist at Vessels Band, from which he earns a living as well as supporting his family in the camp.

Jojo teaching Guitar to the girl children in Kinoni

tashobya Innocent – Basist

My hobbies are playing music, swimming and travelling. I also love Sound. I never knew my father, and I struggled to stay in school relying on my mother’s relatives after she died.
During high school, I met Disan who introduced me to music and taught me the Bass Guitar! I love music so much because it has transformed my life. 
After learning Bass, I have performed in many places and later gained skills in Sound Engineering. I can support myself and my family.
At LMF I love to share music skills and transform some lives.