Fundraising Ideas

The volunteer fees may seem daunting but its fun and easier than you may think to raise the funds to cover it!

Why am I paying volunteer fees?

We are a non profit organisation. The Living Music Foundation give free community music training which does not produce in income!
Volunteer fees cover the food, accommodation and transport costs of a volunteer for the duration of your stay and contribute to our admin costs to ensure we can continue running our free training for vulnerable communities and transform lives through music.
Find out more about our volunteer fees here.

Fundraising Ideas


Ask around local businesses for prizes, they are generally willing to donate to a good cause. You can host a raffle at your workplace, a local meeting place or at your home. Charge $5 for 3 tickets and you can easily raise over $100!
If you’re struggling to find prizes to give out, you can do a people or skills raffle! For example prizes could include dog walking, a home made dinner, hand car washing, or any skills you possess such as a painting, a haircut… so many opportunities

Host a quiz

Everyone loves to get competitive!
A quiz is a fun way to get people together, and raise money for your cause.
Consider your local bars or community centers; chances are somewhere local to you there is a weekly trivia night. Ask if you can run it for one week, and the proceeds will go towards your volunteering trip!
You can even make it relevant to the work you will be doing by making it themed; what about an African themed trivia night, or a music quiz?

FundMyTravel gives travelers a platform to raise money to fund their meaningful travel. It is similar to other crowdfunding sites however it is specifically for travel campaigns. The aim is to make meaningful travel accessible to all. Create your campaign now!

Utilize your local community

Ask your local Schools, Faith Groups (such as Church groups) or Rotary Club for funding! It never hurts to ask and you may be surprised by the funds they can contribute towards your trip! These are great networks with a wide reach of people.
You can ask your old school to put your trip in their weekly newsletter, and details on how readers can donate!
Similarly reaching out to local press / newspapers could yield positive results.

Online COmmunity

Post on social media about your trip, stating why its important to both you and the communities here you will be helping.
Add the link to your Fund My Travel campaign and this is an easy way to collect funding towards your volunteer program.

Complete a fundraising challenge

A fun way to raise funds to cover your program fees is to complete a challenge and ask for donations!
Examples of this include

  • Extreme challenge such as a SkyDive
  • Run a 5k or marathon
  • Complete a hike such as the 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Shaving your head